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Deep Sky Objects in Libra, the Scales
Here is a listing of the brightest Deep Sky Objects in Libra, the Scales, down to about magnitude 12.
The table is sorted by NGC number. If an IC or Messier number is associated with the object it is also noted.
Each entry will have a link to the Simbad and Aladin databases for further information. Click on the NCG/IC/Messier number to access these databases. There are also links to the Digitized Sky Survey site which has images taken in red light. These very detailed images are each 14x14 arc-seconds wide and are about 300k in size. For more about the Digitized Sky Survey click HERE.

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NGC IC Messier Type Size
(arc sec)
Mag RA Dec DSS Other Name or comments
5897     GC 12.6 9.5 15:17.4 21:01 X  

OC - Open Cluster PN - Planetary Nebula, GC - Globular Cluster, Ir Gal - Irregular Galaxy

Image created using TheSky 5.0 Level IV
available from Bisque Software


2003 Kevin Muenzler, Eagle Creek Observatory.